29, July, 2023Posted by :welsretreat


Why would God want to use me?
Have you ever felt that God can’t use you?
Have you made bad choices, or do you have flaws that make you feel worthless?
Do you feel like a nobody in a world of somebodies?
Do you wonder if God could ever use you to do great things?

The question really needs to change from “Why us?” to “Why not us?” as we marvel at Hadassah serving as Queen Esther and as we marvel at God’s love for us and God’s work through us.

Professor Aaron Robinson is one year in to his call to teach English and serve as the cultural diversity coordinator at Martin Luther College.

Previously he helped establish Sure Foundation Lutheran Church in New York City, then taught and coached at St. Croix Lutheran Academy and Wisconsin Lutheran High School, and served as pastor at Fairview, Milwaukee.

Aaron and his wife, Elisabeth, have been blessed with five children, ranging from teens to early 20s. “Christians are to be salt in the world,” he adds, “and I put salt on everything.